Friday, October 23, 2009

Dennis Simms

Mixes by Dennis Simms
Tonight's show started off with an archive mix of mine from Utopia in Las Vegas, NV back in 1999. Then I started to mix Live. Track list will be posted soon.

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Friday, October 09, 2009

Dennis Simms & Eli Star

On tonight's show I played a mix and we had a special guest mix by Eli Star

Dennis Simms mix

Title - Artist ::Label::

  1. Noise Leading Tisane (Figueroa Remix) - Dubit ::MBD::
  2. Non Verbal Language (Loafer Remix) - 16 Bit Lolitas ::Hope Recordings::
  3. Noise Leading Tisane (Figueroa Remix) - Dubit ::MBD::
  4. Stucco (Royale's Concrete Boogers Remix) - Flacker ::Dope Recordings::
  5. The Prophecy - Blendbrank ::BugEyed Records::
  6. Dagobert - Marco G, Amin Golestan ::Audio Therapy::
  7. Nothing At All (Jamie Stevens Vocal Mix) - Angel Freq ::Audio Therapy::
  8. Silencism (Medley Leave In Silence) - Veerus, Maxie Devine ::Le Club Records::
  9. Black Rain - Gregor Tresher ::Great Stuff::
  10. Chilling Moments (Kazell Influx Audio Remix) - Shmuel Flash ::Bedrock::
  11. Goodbye (Sunset Strip Mix) - Nynex & Trent Cantrelle ::SR2 Music::
  12. Shiny Walk (Bobby Deep Remix) - Arion Grey, Dave Ferol ::SoundTribe Rekords::
  13. No Sudden Moves - Glenn Morrison ::Azuli::
  14. Far Away (Dousk Remix) - Trafik
  15. Tai Shui Hang - Kim Fai ::Toolroom Records::
  16. Break Down The House (Tocadisco Remix) - Laidback Luke ::Azuli::
  17. Impulse - Mastercris ::Malec::
  18. Space Bird (Dubfire Deep Space Remix) - System 7 ::A-Wave Records::
  19. Lost Childhood (Jaytech remix) - TON
  20. Ride (Tisto Remix) - Cary Brothers ::Ultra::

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