Friday, April 18, 2008

In Memory of Aaron Seavey

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Don't Forget Me (Way Out West's Clifton High Instrumental Mix) - Way Out West
Sweet Lulliby 2005 - Deep Forest
Behind These Eyes - Limp Biskit
Sure Shot (Jerome Robins 5 Boroughs Mix) - Beastie Boys
Silence (Trentemoller 2006 Remix) - Delirium
Big Country (Noel Sanger Mix) - Big Country
Doin Time (Luke Fair Mix) - Sublime
Tracking Treasure Down(Group Therapy Mix) - Gabriel & Dresden
Something To Lose (Cedric Gervais Remix) - Creamer & K f./Nadia Ali & Rosko
Tell Me Why (Vocal Club Mix) - Supermode
Roads (Sultan & Tonedepth Mix) - Portishead
Addiction (Original Mix) - Pig & Dan
Terra Firma - Airwave featuring Antidote
Loneliness(Klub Mix) - Tomcraft
mr brightside (thin white duke dub) - the killers
Open Your Eyes (Markus Schulz Dub Mix) - Nalin & Kane
Love On The Run - Chicane
After All (Svenson & Gielen Full Length Remix) - Delerium Feat Jael

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A great blog by Skylab 2000

I like Dj’s. I sometimes Dj. In fact I even have some friends who are Dj’s. :)
But skylab2000 is a LIVE PERFORMANCE.

A lot of people ask about the difference between a DJ and a live performance.

Imagine a giant painting. A DJ basically creates that painting as a collage – two pictures, painted by other artists, blended into one new one.

We all love a great DJ, but a live performance takes that MUCH further, creating an entirely new painting LIVE on stage!

When I play live as skylab2000, I have all the basic parts of the music broken down and available to use or not use, based on how I feel that exact second. Do I want some more bass in that track? More kick drums? How about these vocals? A great crowd wants it harder? A live skylab2000 show involves multiple synthesizers, samplers, and effects units, and well over a dozen sources of sound at any given moment, giving me the ultimate flexibility.

That’s a lot of choices compared to DJing where we often have just have two – the left turntable, or the right turntable.

Juggling so many elements is quite an art form. That element of danger means that every single time I play a track that version is brand new, and never will be the same again. Each show is tailored to the crowd at that exact second. When you see skylab2000, you can ONLY hear that track, that way, that very moment.

I travel with a lot of gear, and month after month there are new challenges, but for over a decade now, I’ve been taking a bunch gear out on the road and doing it LIVE as skylab2000.

Keep music alive. Support LIVE electronic music!


Check out and

|_e_/ Dennis Barton <>
) skylab2000
~../.. Brainforest Productions, Los Angeles

Friday, April 11, 2008

Chris Grim

Listen to the full mix below.

Track listing
•     David K-YaYa (Original) [Harthouse]
•     Maskio-Monday (Dusty Kid Likes Maski Remix) [Hell Yeah Recordings]
•     Espias Psiquicios Jonas Kopp - Psiquic_Remix
•     Beckers - Pick Up (Original Mix)
•     Porno Breaks-Trippin Me Out (Audiojack Remix) [Sic Recordings]
•     Gaby Fasano - Time Blender (Original Mix) [Square Circle]
•     Beta Blokka-Beta Blokka (Dave Spoon Remix) [Punch Funk]
•     Booka Shade-Tickle (Original) [Get Physical Music]
•     Samim Michal - Circles (original)
•     Peace Division-Club Therapy (Original) [NRK]
•     Introspective-Devil Theory (Original) [Sinister Recordings]
•     Dave Robertson  Jon Gurd-The Rendition (Original) [Cr2 Records]
•     3 channels - Jack in (original) [Scary movie]
•     Armand Van Helden - I want Your soul (Original)
•     Digital Base-Schranzinger (Original) [iBreaks Records]
•     Paul Kalkbrenner - Altes Kamuffel (Original)
•     Chris Micali ft. The Luxembourg Brothers-Body Yo (Audiojack Mix) [Commonwealth Recordings]
•     John Dahlbck-If You Give Me (Original) [KNM Special Marketing]
•     Boogie Army-Sex Drugs RocknRoll (Original) [Gene Poole Music]
•     Sam Hell-Stay Out All Night (Groovediggerz Remix) [Sinister Recordings]
•     Slyde-Vibrate To This (Trouble Soup Remix) [Finger Lickin]
•     Der Dritte Raum - Plutonium (Original)
•     Black Russian vs Cheshire Catz-Ringshifter (Original) [Fakt Recordings]
•     Danton Eeprom - One thing leads to another (Original)

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