Friday, February 27, 2009

Dennis Simms

Tonight was a good show for me and I had a lot of positive response from listeners calling in and leaving me emails. Thank you to everyone that tuned in. I hope you enjoyed this mix. What a great 4 hours.

Full playlist will be up later on this week.

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Friday, February 13, 2009

Petro One

On tonight's show we had LA's undergrounds very own Petro One.
(please excuse my voice I was sick)

Inspired by drums and tribal beats PETRO felt a calling to become what he had admired for so long. Today, after a lot of dedicated work and 14 years perfecting his craft, PETRO ONE has long graduated from the dance floor to the Dj booth.
In 1989 "PETRO ONE" was a name that was bestowed onto him, it's meaning, a testament to his love for music and the people with whom he shared it with like a family. Today when ever he stands behind the decks, those on the dance floor know that PETRO ONE isn't just a name, it's a title he earned.
Every time he plays, wether in a packed out club or just for his friends PETRO always plays keeping what he cherishes most in mind. His family. PETRO ONE plays with a sense of energy that extends itself past the walls of the night club and is still felt well after the last record was played . This comes from the obligation he feels to contribute and give back to that which has given to him, so much. And inspired him not just to participate, but to give back to the scene by promoting his own parties & providing sound and lighting for many first class events.
ECOSYSTEMS is the name of his SOUND, LIGHTING & PRODUCTION company. Bulletproof, Spirits of Love, Spinal Tap, Shrooms are some of the legendary one off's that PETRO has thrown , dating back to 1992. Not to mention his highly respected after hours party called "IMAGINATION" which ran bi - monthly from 1996-1998. (named most influential event/party by XLR8R magazine in 1996) PETRO ONE quickly earned a loyal following which resulted in residencies at both EVOLUTION & L.A.'s longest running Saturday night underground after hours club called "INSOMNIA" and his newest residencie at the Bassment after hours .
He has had the privilege to opening slots for such major musical influences as Steve Lawler, Nick Warren, Sandra Collins, Barry Jamieson (aka Evolution)on Fluid recordings,Taylor, Kazell , Troy Roberts, Mark Lewis, Angel Alanis, Chris Cowie, Kasey Taylor, and Frankie Bones. His passion continues to resonate within his increasing performances throughout the L.A. area , and these benefits are felt most directly by those lucky souls driven to the dance floor.

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Friday, February 06, 2009

Dennis Simms

Opening the show with music from the mix cd by Peace Division "Nite:Life 010" on NRK
>>live mix<<
1. Point In Time - Microstar
2. Love Sweet Sound(Mark Knight & Funkagenda) - Groove Armada
3. A New Reality(Warren Clarke) - Mark Knight & Martijn Ten Velden
4. You Know It's You - Movido
5. Love Theme - Fred Falke
6. Release Your Self - Funky House Tribe
7. Be Good - Richard Grey
8. Damage feat. Tracy Thorne - Tiefschwarz
9. Give It Up For Me - Sydney Blu
10. I'm da Housekeeper - Enrico Mantini
11. Nudisco(Stereofunk) - Ajowan
12. Beyond - DJ Marley Marl
13. Biz1982 - Dousk
14. An Why E - Kruse &Namberg
15. Antelope - Yousef & Jaun Kidd
16. Babylon - Oliver Klien, Martin Eyerer
17. Never Trust The Drugweib - Sascha Flux
18. Countercurrent - Salmon, Mayuri
19. Step Out - Beckers, D-Nox
20. Albertino - Guido Schneider, Andre Galluzzi
21. Fast Track - Marc Vedo
2. Get Lifted - Kamui 
3. Out of the Sky(Kyau & Albert) - Lange 
4. Buttons(Markus Schulz) - Sia 
5. Perspective - Rex Mundi 
6. Just A Thought - Carl B. 
7. Kalopsia - The Blizzard 
8. Touch The Sun - Barlett Alex feat. Anthya 
9. Anthem feat. Lumiere(John O'Callaghan) - Filo & Peri 
10. All The Way - Ronski Speed 
11. I Love Trance(Activa Airflow) - M.O.R.P.H. & Van Eyden pres. LEXWOOD 
12. No Need to Come Back - Leon Bolier feat. Elsa Hill 
13. Ordinary Moment feat. Fisher(Midnight Mix) - Filo & Peri 
14. I Feel Speed(Unkle) - Dubfire