Friday, October 26, 2007

Rene Amesz

Only few people have been displaying the manical approach towards beats like Rene Amesz has the last ten years or so. His unique and dirty sound has been destroying speakers all over the world and it looks like he has found his sound he’s been looking for over the last decade. It takes skills and determination to do what Rene has done, most visions only get understood when the final product is there.
Maybe his early career as a football player had something to do with it, combined with the fact he’s from Rotterdam, people don’t moan there, get yourself together and work hard to get out there! Young Rene had it all with football and was considered one of those who would end up in the A-team of Rotterdam’s finest, Feyenoord or Sparta. A talented player who had to give up because of a nasty injury but that didn’t stop him from taking a change in aiming at a different career which resulted in what he is today.

Rene’s first success came under different names, producing records for Mid-Town Records in Rotterdam. It wasn’t enough for Rene as he kept waking up in the middle of night where he could hear his own sound, all based around phat beats, sick grooves and a unique approach towards arrangements and sounds. He decided to do things different and slowly he managed to create an environment that could create his visions. He teamed up with Peter Gelderblom, who’d by that time already made a name for himself as club and shop owner and dj/producer in his hometown of Rotterdam. Together they’ve been responsible for tracks such as “ Strike Me Down” on Wally Lopez’s La Factoria Records, the mighty “You Make Me Climb The Wall” on Little Mountain Recordings and remixes for Danny Tenaglia, Tom Stephan, D. Ramirez and Mark Night to name a few.

Meanwhile he’d already met the guys from Extrema Music in Holland in the summer of 2004 who believed in Rene’s determination and approach which resulted in a couple of releases that slowly unraffeled the new Rene with releases such as his first EP on Deep Focus called “Courisha” and the breathtaking “I like Sex”, 4 originals that made people sit up and take notice of his sound which was in the early spring of 2005. Other releases that carved his niche were “I’ve been away” on Lowriders Rec and “I’m your Doctor” on Nu Republic that introduced Rene’s sleazy style to bigger masses during 2005.

Things went fast from that onwards. Sander Kleinenberg’s imprint Little Mountain successfully released the fierce “Back into the Funk” and lately we’ve seen a bunch of amazing releases coming out on labels such as La Factoria, Stereo productions, Extrema, DK records and Deep Records with remixes planned for Nic Fanciulli, Jamie Anderson, Muzzaik and Lexicon Avenue. He’s completed a bunch of new tracks that will showcase another step forward in his sound and will set up his own label together with Peter Gelderblom, called 25 Hertz Recordings.

Success is slowly but steadily glooming for Rene after all the hard work he’s done. His dj diary is filling up with good gigs, the ones that appreciate sore muscles the next day because of dancing all night, after all, it’s all about that, ain’t it? Next to that it looks he’s moving into new waters with his productions as more and more the bigger labels and topjocks are requesting his music. Looks like Rene will have his career after all!

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