Friday, June 20, 2008

DJ Thuy Vu

DJ ThuyVu embarked on her music journey with classical piano at the age of 9. From the age of 10, ThuyVu has composed her own pieces and continues to do so today. By 16, she regarded the restrictions of reading sheet music as limiting and started to play by ear. Since then, she can play almost anything by ear including underground dance tracks as well as more popular hits.
By the year 2001, influenced by electronica, she set out to DJ. She began to play at local clubs and kitschy bars in Southern California. Then came other parts of nightlife essentials ranging from benefit parties, art galleries slash nightclubs, local radio shows, skateboarding competitions, warehouse and house parties, film festivals, out-of-town gigs, and a summer tour in Arizona. Always keen to never limit herself, DJ ThuyVu does not confine herself to one style and is known to play progressive house, tech-house, tribal house, breakbeats, downtempo, trip hop, idm, minimal, and everything in between. Her style can be described as raw, edgy, atmospheric, catchy and often coated with thick basslines, clean percussion, and vibrant pads and synths. She has started to DJ with elements such as performing with live vocals and playing her midi-controller as additional enhancement.

DJ ThuyVu's musical quest is expanding as she is learning how to make better music. As of the moment, she has only written music on the piano, but is currently working on her production skills in the studio. Keeping the underground scene alive and pushing the music that accompanies it - these are top on DJ ThuyVu's musical priorities, right up there with making people dance, rocking the crowd, and simply moving and stirring their hearts and souls.

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