Friday, May 21, 2010


Rob Wright has been playing with electronic music equipment and producing tracks since 1987. He currently runs the sound department at a successful video game developer in LA but spends most of his free time nurturing his pet project EMT (Electronic Music Technician). The EMT project’s primary focus is on mobile sound. Rob has put together “the rig” to facilitate this goal. The rig consists of an EMT stretcher mounted with a mixture of audio hardware and software solutions all running through an on board PA.

You can think of the act as a sort of techno side show. When playing live, EMT’s main focus is on Guerilla performances. He prefers the adrenaline laced covert aspects of playing without being asked. It all started with Rob’s first gate crash back in 1998 at Nocturnal Wonderland. Since then he has performed at a number of shows without being officially invited! Speakerheads, Mr. Bubbles, Nocturnal Wonderland, JuJubeats, Coachella Music Festival are just to name a few.

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