Friday, August 24, 2007

Juliana Lee with Jesse Cash August 24, 2007

Juliana Lee (aka: Juliana Leigh and LoveJules) is no stranger to the KUCI airwaves, returning for an anticipated fourth appearance.
She began DJing almost a decade ago, and in the late 90's, landed a residency at one of Los Angeles' longest running underground afterhours, the infamous 'Insomnia'.
It's where Lee developed her unique style that fueled the dark, packed, gritty dance floor. Her sets lasted well into the morning hours, until owners nearly pulled the plug on the sweaty crowd, and the eager DJ who would never lose the feeling of being so fortunate to be behind the decks playing the music she loved. Her relentless sets captivated countless crowds - full of powerful, bold tracks driven by chunky base lines, meshed with layered mixes and deep grooves.
The headlining DJ in July 2004, Juliana Lee played for sold out shows, radio and TV appearances for Transonik's California Sessions in Chile, South America.
Other notable gigs throughout the years include the Miami Winter Music Conference, Las Vegas' Club Ice, and The Mor Bar.
In 2005 Juliana Lee played several of her largest gigs at LA's, Club Spundae with its massive dance floors; once part of the memorable "Beauty and The Beats," an all-female DJ, highly publicized event.
Her public sets are rare nowadays, Lee mainly plays at home or for close friends at small gatherings. Recently, she made a short cameo appearance on the Standard hotel's rooftop in downtown LA earlier this Summer.
Lee is happy and peaceful now, living in Santa Monica with her boyfriend, and their two zany Dalmatians.

He was fortunate enough to be VIP back in the
days of the legendary Simons club in Gainesville,
Florida, standing right next to DJs like Danny
Tenaglia and John Digweed and Sasha, while they blew
up the dancefloor during their first visits to the
Jesse Cash started off with the right roots and the
right people.
He’s been buying vinyl ever since and 15 years later
brings a bag of ridiculous tracks anywhere he assaults
the decks.
From countless underground parties, to rocking
Spundae, the Standard rooftop or broadcasting live
worldwide from the WOMB in Miami’s South Beach,
Jesse’s proven he can really throw it down and give
you something you’ve likely never heard before that
you won’t soon forget.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Dennis Simms Aug. 10, 2007

I hope you all enjoyed the show this week. You can find the recording of the set below.

Right Click and Save As for MiX:

Dennis Simms Aug 10, 2007 MiX

Please let me know if you like it.