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I regret to inform you that the era of free radio has come to an end. At least, one aspect of it. The RIAA has insisted that KUCI pay yet another fee to podcast the music we already broadcast under license. I feel that it is reprehensible to force already poor stations to pay yet another tribute just so you, the listening public, can hear music other than that which the likes of Clear Channel would shove into your ears. I do not blame KUCI for this situation, because I still believe we, and they, champion the cause of freeform radio. However, we cannot afford the possible loss of all channels of expression just to keep one channel afloat. Again, I'm sorry for the loss, in more ways than one.

You can thank these guys below for making this happen.


Saturday, October 28, 2006

Dennis Simms October 27, 2006

Play List:
Love Song(M.I.K.E. vs. Zigi Remix) - Ofra Haza
Simple - Pinkbox Special
Blueberry - Probspot
Nice Guys Finish Last - Pinkbox Special
Insurrection (Perry O'Neil Remix) - Gavyn Mitchel presents Mnemonic
Sometimes - Özgür Can
I Found You(Perry O'Neil Remix) - Interstate
Indian Hashish - Tadi & NV
Let the Light In - Lens
Mirage - Santiago Nino
Fearless - DJ Remy & Roland Klinkenberg
Cold Fusion - Perry O'Neil
Glistening - Taxi
Monday Groove - Roland Klinkenberg
Breaking Away - Perry O'Neil
TV Dinner - Rico Soarez
Kubik - Perry O'Neil
Timeless - Rico Soarez
Fuel - Perry O'Neil
Outsider - Haak
Mind Circles(Perry O'Neil Remix) - St. John vs. Locus
Tranquility (Markus Schulz Coldharbour Mix) - Mark Otten
Largo(Mark Otten Remix) - Markus Schulz presents Elevation
Language - Hammer & Bennett
Quarter Century - Jagermaestro
Till Ya Drop - Remy & Roland Klinkenberg
Yael - Jellisimo
Mushroom Therapy(Armin van Buuren Remix) - Mark Otten
Jakata - Andrew K. presents Junk Science

Saturday, October 21, 2006

DJ MADISON October 20, 2006

As a young girl Madison spent a lot of time traveling around Europe with her mother and being exposed to all types of music through her experiences with different cultures around the world. Soon after her travels, Madison took her newfound knowledge of music and started to arrange mixes for friends at parties that would create a tranquil and upbeat atmosphere that everyone could enjoy. She developed a real passion and love for electronic music and as a result began dedicating her life to getting closer to it.

As she began spinning and honing her skills as a performer, the music bug in Madison exploded. She became known for her infectious energy, and innovative style of music which has ranged anywhere from groovy house to banging funky progressive beats infused with trance, tribal, techno, electro, and breaks. She soon adopted the stage name of "Madison", and has been taking the electronic industry by storm since 2001 (before she even owned a pair of decks). With her "Counter Culture" house show with April McLellan on (#1 internet dance radio station). She began to vastly increase her fan base. More recently, in the past 6 months Madison has gained recognition as a vital contributor to the electronic scene. In 2005 she made it in the top 10 of the prestigious nationwide Beauty and the Beats contest sponsored by BPM Magazine and Rockstar. Madison has also played at Godskitchen alongside Eddie Haliwell, Kris B, and Fei Fei, showcased alongside James Zabiela on Power Tools radio, and has recently opened up for Cosmic Gate at Club Heaven and performed alongside many other artists such as Mark Lewis, Swedish Egil, Oscure, Nicholas Bennison, Speaker Junkies, Cody Lee, and at After Hour of Power alongside Jeff Baum and Donald Glaude. Her growing recognition also led her to a residency at Harmonic, a musical journey produced by Mark Lewis. She had a 6 month residency with Harmonic at the Hollywood hot spot White Lotus, which has given her a venue to showcase her music to fans not only in the electronic scene, but also people who have been long time listeners of other genres of music. Then in 2006 she got her first sponsor with Monster Energy Drink, which is just the beginning of what is to come!! Madison prides herself in being able to bring together people from all types of musical backgrounds and make sure that all of them are coming back for more!

With inspirations ranging from Sander Kleinenberg, Steve Lawler, The Rogue Element, Hyper, Paul Van Dyk, James Zabiela, Miss Kitten and fellow Swedes Sebastian Ingrosso. Eric Prydz, and Swedish Egil, her music continues to evolve into a powerful and infectious force that the electronic industry has never heard or seen before. Madison's personality and powerful stage presence compliments perfectly with her music. Her passion for her craft, her strong emotions and her upbeat energetic attitude are felt by everyone who she performs for. Madison is an "entertainer" who fans can not get enough of. Her innovative musical style, her strong work ethic, her undeniable infectious presence, and her growing following will ensure that she will be a very important asset to the electronic and dance industry for a very long time. Alas the journey continues. See you on the dancefloor!

Management and bookings

Event Info and to contact Madison:

Monday, October 09, 2006

Bryan Mizota October 6, 2006


(DJ Culture, Phonomental Music, Fumanchu, Double-O-Spot, Hawaii)

Booking Info: Click Here


As "One of the most important scenster in the Hawaii Nightclub scene" (Honolulu Advertiser 5/21/99), Bryan Mizota, now transplanted to "the OC", is now set to make new waves on a bigger scale. Already with licensed mixed CD releases on Cleopatra Records & Red Eye Music Canada, original tracks released on Simply Jeff's Phonomental label, plus having several tracks liscensed for TV, Film and Ad Campaign productions, Mizota comes to the OC with well over a decade of being in the "industry" including playing in cities throughout the country

Currently Bryan is the manager/buyer for Simply Jeff's highly acclaimed record shop, DJ Culture, which is quickly becoming the hub of the breaks scene on the west coast. With regular visits from the likes of DJ Rap, Donald Glaude, Charles Feelgood, DJ Irene, Uberzone DJ Swamp, Mea, and many other high profile DJs making it a point to stop by when in town, Jeff, Mizota & DJ Culture are quickly earning the respect of many of the top names in the industry as the go-to people for "The Breaks".

DJ Culture is also the home of a weekly mix show with Mizota and Simply Jeff as hosts & DJs, showcasing all the freshest releases direct from the record shop and exclusive interviews and mix sets by some of the top names in music today.

Sunday, September 17, 2006


Faust and Shortee's career has been a series of firsts. Each of their debut albums set musical benchmarks ”Faust's "Man or Myth" was the first solo turntablist album, and Shortee's "The Dreamer" was the first solo album by a female DJ/producer. Joining forces with the world-famous DJ Craze, they concocted the "Fathomless EP", releasing the first ever all-turntable/scratching drum & bass tracks. Even before they broke new ground with their releases, both were blazing trails in clubs spinning hardhouse, techno & hip-hop shows bringing their uncanny chemistry and raw musical talent to dance floors all over the world. In 1997 Shortee became the first & only female “Fever/ Buzz Battle Of The DJs” champion, winning the US's largest Techno, House, Drum & Bass DJ/mixing competition once held at Nation (Buzz) in Washington, DC.

In 2001, they became the first married turntablist tandem, making their two-into-one approach not just a musical philosophy, but also a true way of life. When they combine their efforts, they bring out the best in each other. Witness their latest albums, Digital Soul and Satisfaction Guaranteed, both produced by the pair working together. Hard, funky drums, soulful basslines, and meticulously composed instrumentation abound, helping these albums bridge the gap between mood music and pure dancefloor pyrotechnics. Together they have release singles, remixes, countless mix cds & appeared solo & jointly on numerous compilations ("Urban Revolutions", "Return of the DJ 3", "DJ Girl", "Revenge of the B-Boy", "XIII Soundtrack", "Scratch Movie Soundtrack", "Tino Breaks Vol 1 & 2", "Bomb Anniversary Collection 1991-2001", "CMJ Compilation", "Deep Concentration 3", "Contents Under Pressure",.

Their tracks have been used in breakdance videos such as Redbull's "Lords of the Floor 2001", Tribal Gear's "Break Boys II" & their music has aired worldwide on networks such as MTV, NBC, CNN & ESPN with features like the X-Games, Tony Hawk's Skate Park Tour, Hip-Hop Nation, Headline News & the esteemed World Cup 2002. Their song "Drumcircle" (Digital Soul) is the official theme song for "MTV SPORTS UNLIMITED AXXESS" & the duo's solo & joint albums have earned them critical acclaim in major publications like Muzik, Spin, URB, Remix, Rolling Stone, XLR8R, DJ Times & more.

Both were featured in the critically acclaimed documentary Scratch as notable innovators alongside Jazzy Jay, Jurassic 5, Dilated Peoples, Z-Trip, Grand Wizard Theodore, Q-Bert, Mixmaster Mike etc. Scratch airs regularly on HBO, VH1, Cinimax, Encore, NBC, Sundance, Showtime etc. Shortee has appeared in "Spinsters" (Jane Walker & Jackie Pelle) & is a main focus in the upcoming female hip-hop Dj documentary "Mistress X" (Sowa Entertainment/The Manhattan Project) as well as various other upcoming female DJ documentaries including "Girl" (3 Day Dog Films) & "Vinyl is a Girl's Best Friend" (Irish Rose Films). Both Faust & Shortee have made media appearances on TV shows such as NBC's National TV Show "Hip Hop Nation", CNN's "Headline News" & CNN Inflight's "Showbiz This Month".

Shortee has been recognized as one of Urb's Next 100 Artists (2001) & is poised as the official tour DJ for the Playboy 50th Anniversary Tour, scratch diva for the high profile annual Playboy Superbowl parties (2003 & 2004), & The Playboy Mansion. She's also toured for other coorperate giants such as Coca-Cola/Sprite, Frito Lay/Doritos, & Simon Malls. Not to be outdone, Faust has been ranked as one of the top 5 turntablists in the world by Spin Magazine & opened stadiums for huge rock bands like The Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Faust & Shortee have still managed to drop numerous mix CDs & mixtapes including the "Urban Assult" series (Drum & Bass) "Hip Hip Mega Mix" series (Hip Hop/Breaks/Funk/Soul) , "Methods of Motion" & "Dream Theory" series (Hard House & Techno) & their Final Scratch mix "The XIII Soundtrack" for for Ubi Soft's video game "XIII" which features original tracks by their very own Future Primitive Sound Collective. Shortee's solo mix CDs include "Teknical Knockout" (Drum n Bass), "Playboy 50th Anniversary Tour Mix" series (Vol. 01 - Hip Hop, Funk, Soul, breaks & House / Vol. 02 - Progressive House / Vol. 03 - Mainstream Hip Hop) which follow her earlier release "Casa de Playboy" (Latin House) from the Playboy Superbowl party 2003. Faust has collaborated with fellow Citizenz crewmember, DJ Enki, and togther they recently released "Cause & Effect" (Hip Hop, Funk, Soul & Rare Breaks).

Shortee has released a much-needed DJ instructional video/DVD series (& the 1st to be released by a female DJ) which include, "Shortee's DJ 101" (2000/02) and "Shortee's DJ 202" (2005) in which she walks begginner & intermediate level DJs through all the basics, from setting up the equipment to mixing, scratching & beatjuggling skills, lessons in new technology & turntable repair to what to expect as a travelling DJ. She features turntable & MC visionaries like Faust, Craze, Q-Bert, Babu, Disk, Flare, Danny The Wildchild, Phantom 45, MC Armanni and more! A majority of the soundtrack in both DVDs are comprised of Faust & Shortee's original music. In addition to the success of her DVD series & teaching skills, Faust & Shortee are professors at The Scratch DJ Academy founded by RUN DMC's Jam Master Jay. Both are currently teaching courses & private lessons which at the Los Angeles branch, New York's new west coast school.

Back in the studio, Faust and Shortee created neck-snapping remixes for the critically acclaimed breakbeat gurus Tino Corp. (Jack Dangers & Ben Stokes of Meat Beat Manifesto) and have been doing work with MC Supastition. Both are currently hard at work producing crushing stateside Drum & Bass for "Urban Assault" , the duo's DnB DJ/production team.

In addition to Urban Assault DnB, the duo joined forces with jungle phenomena Danny the Wildchild to create a whole new monster of rhythm: The Bomb Tour - three world-class DJs; six turntables; the best in hip-hop, breaks, and drum n’ bass; plenty of scratching; and a show that has left dance-happy b-kids nationwide begging for more. As far as crews go, Faust & Shortee are also a long-time members of the world-reknowned Future Primitive Sound Collective (along with Faust, Cut Chemist, Dj Shadow, Shortcut, Jack Dangers, Disk & Buckethead (Primus), Tino Corp, DJ Design, Zeph, Space Travelers, Z-Trip, Devious Doze & more). A co-founder of both the original turntablist crew Third World Citizens (Faust, Shortee, Craze, Shotgun, King James, & T-rock) now simply: The Citizenz (Faust, Shortee, Enki) as well as her electronic-oriented crew: Space Kadets Collective (Faust, Motomasa, Eve, Kri & Usul). Recently Shortee has also been performing shows with fellow female turntablist, DJ Annalyze, under the team name Twice as Nice featuring Drum n Bass, Breaks & turntablist showcases on 4 turntables.

In between the studio & headlining their own shows, the duo has been billed with such luminaries as KRS-One, Method Man, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Scott Henry, Dj Irene, X-ecutioners, Dieselboy, Crystal Method, Frankie Bones, High Contrast, Dilated Peoples, Prince Paul, Tino Corp., Cut Chemist, Q-bert, Babu, Disk, Sasha, BT, Paul Oakenfold, Roni Size and countless others.

Faust & Shortee are featured artists on CNET (Faust / Shortee) , regulars at the annual NAMM Show in Annaheim, CA & sponsored by respected entities such as Rane, Stanton, Shure, Tribal Gear, Cakewalk , Playboy, Femme Arsenel (Ecko) and more. Veteran globetrotters, Faust & Shortee rock Drum n Bass, Hip-Hop, Funk, Soul, House & Breaks worldwide, performing all over the U.S., Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, France, London, Amsterdam, Italy, Korea, Singapore, Hong kong, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia & more!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

DJ SHORTEE June 16, 2006

Playboy's official 50th Anniversary tour DJ, Urb's Next 100, & the only female to produce an instructional DJ DVD series, Shortee is one of the most diverse & technically skilled female DJs in the world. Her contribution to the art of turntablism for the last 11 years earned her a spot as the only female DJ featured in Doug Pray's acclaimed movie �SCRATCH� (Palm Pictures) which has been shown in theaters across the globe & networks such as VH1, HBO, Cinemax, IFP, Sundance, Showtime etc. In addition to being featured in many other documentaries, Shortee has also made television appearances on all the major networks (NBC, CBS, ABC, UPN, FOX, MTV). Her most recent appearances are the role of DJ for the Tyra Banks Show on Tyra's Fabulous Fridays club themed episodes & a cameo in a Sony PSP commercial.

Shortee's the 1st & only female �World Class Powermixer� ever to grace the airwaves of Power 106fm (LA) and can be heard regularly mixing & scratching mainstream hip hop on the weekends. She is also the only female ever to win the "Fever/Buzz Battle of the DJ's" (�97 at Nation in Washington, DC) & the 1st & only female to release a solo turntablist album, "The Dreamer" ('99). Along w/ partner & husband Faust, she has produced Albums, EPs, Mix CDs & appeared on numerous compilations. Often licensing her tracks to the media, Shortee's tracks have appeared on various video games, DVDs & television networks (ESPN, NBC, MTV, CNN) with events including the X-Games & The World Cup. Shortee�s song, "Drumcircle" is the theme song to "MTV Sports Axxess" TV show and her remix of India Irie�s �Shine� is the theme song for the Tyra Banks show.

Helping to teach up & coming DJs, she has also produced an instructional DVD series �Shortee�s DJ 101, 202 & Turntable Tune-Up� in which she teaches how to mix, scratch, beat juggle, DJ career tips & also features interviews with other top DJs & MCs in the industry including Faust, Q-Bert, Craze, Babu (Dilated Peoples), Disk, MC Armanni & more. In addition to the success of her DVD series & teaching skills, she is professor at The Scratch DJ Academy founded by RUN DMC�s Jam Master Jay. Shortee teaches 3 courses (Mixing151, Scratching202 & Beatjuggling303) as well as private lessons at the Los Angeles branch.

Her skills & productions have earned her acclaim in countless publications (Rolling Stone, Urb, Remix, DJ Times, Rinse, XLR8R, Spin, Playboy etc) & sponsorships with Tribal, Cakewalk, Stanton, Rane, Mackie & Shure. Performing at high profile events as Playboy's Super Bowl parties, 50th Anniversary Club Tour & the Playboy Mansion, she also tours for Sprite, Frito Lay, Activision, Channel One & frequents the Winter NAMM shows & Remix Hotel. Playing alongside such world-class artists as Craze, Q-bert, Faust, KRS One, Supernatural, Method Man, Mixmaster Mike, Z-Trip, Radar, High Contrast, Carl Cox, Dieselboy & more, a seasoned globetrotter, Shortee rocks Hip-Hop, Funk, Soul, Breaks, House & Drum n Bass worldwide, performing all over the U.S., Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, France, London, Amsterdam, Italy, Korea, Singapore, Hong kong, Indonesia, Thailand & more!

DJ Shortee is available for bookings:
For available dates and routing, contact Michelle Levy at

Air date 06-16-2006
Riders Of The Plastic Groove

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Bill Hamel

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May 26, 2006 - Bill Hamel
”Bill's production prowess and his keen sense of melody and song structure has never ceased to amaze us. His impeccably-detailed yet 'human' approach to music-making is a breath of fresh air from the seemingly emotion-less and barren soundscapes which permeates much of our brand of electronic music these days.” –Ali ‘Dubfire’ Shirazinia, Deep Dish

Saturday, May 20, 2006


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May 12, 2006 - Etain
Etain is 10-year turntable veteran turned producer, and will soon add record label owner to her repertoire. Star People Music will feature original music from Etain, Nebulae, and Dutch DJ/Producer Jaimie Fanatic, to name a few. Star People Music will span the entire electronic music spectrum, and showcase the finest in electronic music talent. Etain is currently working with engineers Silas Thomason & Nebulae on original material set for release in June 2006. In February 2006, Etain's exclusive Beatport mix was picked up by XM Satellite's "The Move", and can be downloaded from their website. Etain is now a Cyber Jockey/TV host on the world's largest internet television network, ManiaTV. She hosts two music video shows: "Circular", which is all electronic-music based, and "U Pick 'Em", a show where the viewers choose which videos will air. "Circular" airs every Tuesday from 12am - 2am EST, and Friday from 4am - 6am EST. "U Pick 'Em" airs every Tuesday from 11pm - 12am EST. is currently viewed by 1.5 million viewers worldwide, and counting.

Air date 05-12-2006
Riders Of The Plastic Groove

Saturday, May 13, 2006

DJ De Leon

Born in Argentina and now based in Los Angeles, Dan De León is a creative force. At 17 he produced his first feature film which premiered at the 1997 Sundance Film Festival and then directed short films which have toured festivals all over the world since 1998. Beyond his South American good looks and bad-boy charm is a man dedicated to delivering a unique physical and emotional experience to his audience.

Every De León DJ set is a three-act performance connected directly to the audience, both reacting to and driving the energy on the dance floor while telling a new story every time. Using elements of Tribal and Progressive House, De León weaves a kinetic musical experience that will stay with you long after the night has ended. The key behind De León's innovative connection to the audience is his stylistic strength. By integrating the most engaging and never-before-heard vocals into a soundscape heavy in Tribal-House percussion patterns and Tech-House melodies over aggressive and funky Progressive baselines, De León is able to craft sets that speak the familiar in a completely new language all his own. A ferocious combination that equates to an experience that is at once sexy, deep, aggressive and uplifting—De León is a rare talent that shines brightly and always leaves his audience begging for more.

For more please visit

Air date 05-05-2006
Riders Of The Plastic Groove

Saturday, April 01, 2006

March 31, 2006 Playlist

The Mating Game(Kraak & Smaak Remix) - Bitter Sweet
Dance To The Underground(DFA Remix) - Radio 4
Watchin' - Freemasons Feat. Amanda Wilson
White Horse - DJ Volume f./Capretta
My House Is Your House(Dirt Brothers) - Chris "The Greek" Panaghi
Lips Like Sugar(Way Out West) - Echo & The Bunnymen
Raindrops(DST 7 Remix) - Stunt
To Life To Love(Cedric Gervais Remix) - Andy Hunter
Sorry(PSB Maxi-Mix) - Madonna
Faster Kill Pussycat(Roman Hunter mix) - Paul Oakenfold
Jessie's Girl - Collage
It's My Life(Mike Cruz' Vox) - Sean Ensign
Again(Klubjumpers Mix) - Angelica De No
I Want More(Subtek Breakbeat Remix) - Amuka
Talk(Francois K Remix) - Coldplay
Disco Libido(Future Disco Mix) - Jessica Vale
Make Up Sex(Josh Harris Mix) - Clear Static
Ooh La La(Benny Benassi Remix) - Goldfrapp
Air date 03-31-2006
Riders Of The Plastic Groove

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Innerstate on 03-17-06

Innerstate began their musical endeavors in the late 80's, playing guitars and keyboards in the "Duran Duran / Cure / Love and Rockets / Depeche Mode" influenced era. In the early 90's, with much influence from the Manchester "britpop / shoegaze" scene and the early rave movements, they reinvented themselves as programmers and started toying around with beats. By the mid 90's, artists like The Orb, Chemical Brothers, Orbital, and Underworld drove Jason Timothy to completely drop the guitar and focus completely on electronic music, and formed an early breakbeat team with Kelly G (aka Nikkshifter). It was around this time that Jason started toying around with DJ'ing, and by 2001 ran into old friend and current partner Frank Prosnik to form "Innerstate".

Making agressive main floor stormers full of sinister stabs and sweeping melodies on one end, and beautiful uplifting, hypnotic and techy chuggers on the other end, Innerstate takes influence from the likes of Pink Floyd, Tangerine Dream, Sigur Ros, The Pixies, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, along with the more obvious progressive, techno, tribal, tech house and trance influences.

Innerstate supporters have spanned top artists including Hernan Cattaneo, John Digweed, Nick Warren and Jody Wisternof (Way Out West), Taylor, D:fuse, Tigerhook, and the Low End Specialists.

Contact Info

Jason Timothy

Frank Prosnik

Air date 03-17-2006
Riders Of The Plastic Groove

:: CHECK THIS OUT! :: Last weeks guest info. Scroll down page to download show.

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Growing up in Missouri, Kc got his start in the club scene early in life, helping out in the nightclub his father managed. “I think that is where the fascination started” says Kc. Kc moved to Colorado and worked his way in to being a successful sound engineer. The djing thing just sort of happened from there. Kc became friends with local dj and started playing himself. He has not looked back since then holding down residency at 8150 for several years. Playing along side dj’s Christopher Lawrence, Jon Bishop, and Dave Ralph… as well as headlining on his nights. He has been a part of such production companies as liquid soul and new direction. Kc maybe new to Vegas but is already leaving his mark, you may have seen him playing at RA Sushi, Curve, Risqué and others. Kc is a believer in positive energy. He plays because he love the music and he wants the crowd to love it too. His blend of House, Progressive, Electro and other sounds gives Kc his unique style. You never know what you will hear next with Kc you just know it will be good. For Booking info contact:

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Kris Nilsson is one of the fastest growing house DJs in Las Vegas since moving there in 2002 from Colorado. Growing up in the small town Breckenridge, Kris never really was introduced to night life. That was until he took a job as head sound engineer on a tour that took him to Europe. Being in a new place with new people was such a amazing experience, until he discovered the club world. Kris was stopped in his tracks at the first club he attended. Judge Jules was spinning while two thousand dancing screaming fans were getting there groove on. For the next year Kris studied and learned how such a great energy and sound could be created by putting two records together. After about a year the tour ended and it was time for Kris to come home. The first thing he did when he got back was a set of turntables. In the summer of 2002 Kris moved to Las Vegas, he began his career as a DJ about eight months after when he was asked to cover a weekend at a club called Curve in the Aladdin Hotel, Las Vegas. Shortly after Kris was offered a Friday and Saturday residency at Curve. He started playing at local clubs all over Vegas & building a bigger fan base after each set. Over the next couple of years Kris has had several resident DJ spots, Curve at the Aladdin Hotel, Tangerine nightclub in Treasure Island, RA Sushi in the Fashion Show Mall, and Drai’s after hours in the Barbary Cost. For Booking info contact:
KC Ray & Kris Nillson on Riders Of The Plastic Groove on March 03, 2006