Friday, January 30, 2009

Dennis Simms & Arthur Galestian

Tonight's show started off  with two classic mixes by myself from 2002 and 2004.
The second part of the show (10pm - 12am) featured Arthur Galestian from KUCI's "Division of Hardcore Samples" that airs Thursday nights at 10pm.

8pm - 10pm
Dennis Simms playlist for first hour:
1. Kill 100 (feat. Rob Harvey - X-Press 2
2. Cubic loop(Dnox & Beckers remix) - NOP
3. Express Yourself (Bobby Deep remix) Masterpiece
4. Hyperfreak(Dousk mix) - Logiztik Sonds
5. Lost Childhood(Jayteck remix) - TON
6. Floor Sequence - Jaytech
7. Maya - Swen Weber
8. Alone With You - Deadmou5
9. Red Dust(Jumping Reds mix) - 4Mal
10. Guaglione 2008(Alex Gaudino Remix) - Cisko Brothers * (caller request)

Sorry no playlist for second hour.

10pm - 12am
Arthur Galestian playlist:
Please check back later.

right click here to download mix

Friday, January 23, 2009

Save the Rhythm

On tonight's show we Save the Rhythm dj's 

Starting out in early 1998 with just two artist DjayChrome and Dj Dozer, Save the Rhythm Productions began it's long journey in the quote Rave scene. First starting out with house parties in the Seattle area and then moving down into the Orange county area in 99'. There running several clubs and holding down two straight years of outdoor renegeade desert parties. Now moving forward to putting out vynil and studio Cd's and the conquest of a Vegas and NY night in the works Save the Rhythm Productions is hoping to achieve it's goal of truley saving the scene.
Save the Rhythm has a residency at Cafe 3 Sixty in Laguna Niguel Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. You can catch any one of Save the Rhythm artists playing on any of the 3 nights.

Be on the look out for some special events when Riders of the Plastic Groove and Save the Rhythm team up together in the near future.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Dean Paul & Acid Circus

On tonight's show Droid Behavior's Dean Paul and Acid Circus play an awesome set for the show. You will enjoy this one! Some great funky, chunky techno for your soul.

Droid Behavior is a movement in electronic music founded by Drumcell and Acid Circus that pushes techno's diversity on many fronts. Through constant events, independent press, a record label, and strong word of mouth reputation, Droid Behaivior has become one of the main groups pushing forward-thinking music and ideas throughout LA's underground since 2002.

Originally starting as a mailing list dedicated to education, information and entertainment, Droid has become an essential resource for local like-minded promoters and music enthusiasts and the center or LA's techno movement.

Self produced one off events and collaborations have brought the likes of Frankie Vega, Matt Nee, Traxx, Hyperactive, Tim Xavier, apendics.shuffle, DJ Bone, Kenny Larkin, Dan Bell, John Tejada, Todd sines, Matthew Dear, DJ Esp, Richard Devine, Daedelus, Otto Von Schirach, Basek, Dietrich Schonemann, Tony Rohr, Mike Dearborn, Fanon Flowers, Archetype, Mark Verbos, M.A.N.D.Y., Ellen Alien, Speedy J, Adam Beyer, Surgeon, Neil Landstrumm, and a host of others to the fore-front of LA's nightlife.

The intense vibe set at these parties combined with the unique use of audio and visual technology has proved potential for the music to thrive and expand in this city. despite LA's Hollywood reputation of glamor and glitz, the no bullshit crowds are serious about music and come dressed to sweat. This grass roots movement has caught the attention of similar groups across the country and has placed Droid Behavior in a network of DJ's, producers, promoters, artists, writers and creative minds through out the west coast, east coast and mid-west all dedicated to pushing techno music.

The need to express the musical visions of la's untapped creativity spawned the Droid recordings label. Headed by Drumcell, the label explores the many faces of techno while covering all dance floor possibilities, from deep, dark, driving sound scapes to the high-tech funk of Chicago and Detroit-influenced minimalism.

Both creative and diverse, to date Droid recordings has released quality music by Fabrik nos, Drumcell, Acid Circus, David F, Adam Jay, Jason Emsley, Adam Jay, and Apendics Shuffle. The label continues to push music from new artists as well as seasoned track masters while striving to maintain a high caliber in productions. In a saturated music scene, the Droid record label prefers quality over quantity. Look forward to more noise from this side of the coast. Droid recordings is currently distributed by Complete USA.